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The Centre for Integrated Circuit Failure Analysis and Reliability (CICFAR) seeks to be an internationally recognised centre of excellence, providing specialised research and development services and manpower training to the microelectronics industry. CICFAR’s research focus is on the investigation and development of new techniques and instrumentation systems for physical and failure analysis of semiconductor materials, devices and circuits, and the application of these techniques and systems for studies in device reliability. Our Centre works closely with industrial

partners such as Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) whose involvement is essential for the understanding of real issues and in anticipating the future needs of the integrated circuit (IC) industry. For a longer term perspective, new research projects have recently been initiated to develop and characterise novel nanoscale structures and devices.

Novel Mirror Optics for Long Working Distance Cathodoluminescence and Photon Emission Analysis

The relentless shrinkage of device geometries and increasing IC complexity pose tremendous challenges to the failure analyst, and necessitates the development of new and novel solutions. At the same time, device reliability and degradation issues have to be discovered and studied for each new generation of devices.

Gas-sensing device fabrication using highly-ordered anodic porous alumina nanostructure template

In 2003, our Centre published 13 journal articles, 19 conference papers and one distinguished publication. We are also actively involved in the organisation of the annual International Symposium on the Physical and Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits (IPFA) and other industry related events.

Some of our CICFAR research data are now widely recognised by the international reliability community. Two US patents were granted in 2003, making up a total of eight US patents to date, with five others pending. Our patent portfolio plays an important role in the commercialisation and acceptance of new techniques and instruments by the industry, with five technologies already commercialised to date. The current research funding is $2.2 million, making up a total of approximately $11.8 million in funding received since the inception of the Centre in July 1990.


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